How to Thaw Out a Fossilized List

You spent years building up an email list. You did everything right. You kept the content friendly and engaging, you didn’t send out too many blasts and you responded to questions or concerns quickly. You built up a priceless relationship between yourself and your email recipients. Then life got in the way. You became busy, distracted and unavailable and you haven’t sent out an email in ages. Ready to jump back in? Before you do any more damage, take a look at these tips for reengaging with a dead email list.

What Makes Up a Dead List?

Most email experts say that once contact has been stopped on either side, either the entire list or a specific lead is considered dead. It’s a harsh term and even though it sounds final, there are ways to revive your list and even nurture and grow it again.

Segment Your List

You’ll want to take some time and go through your list, separating it into several different lists. If your list was successful before, focus on splitting it up into lists of those who always responded, those who stopped responding at the end and finally those who never responded. You can then craft three separate emails with hopes of retaining only those who are interested.

Personalize Your Messages

With your list separated, you can now craft subjects and content that cater to a more specific reader. Let your high responders know that you’re back and excited to start sharing valuable content with them again. Re-introduce yourself to the group who stopped responding and see if they’re still interested in receiving your emails. Write a separate message to those who never responded. Remind them how they signed up for your list and what you can provide them with. In every single message, make sure that you make it obvious how to unsubscribe from your list. You don’t want to come off as pushy or demanding. Always give them the option. It’s better to have a shorter list with more engaged readers than a long list with readers who never engage.

Take It Easy on Yourself

Now that you have an organized and up to date list, it’s time to start slowly but surely reengaging with your readers on a regular basis. But if you jump into it too fast, you’ll end up burnt out again and find yourself with a dead email list again. Take advantage of tools that will help you get your message out. Use automated responses to buy yourself a little time for questions or comments. Make sure that your emails are integrated with other marketing channels, including social media share buttons and easy forwarding buttons. Keep your messages short and sweet and be sure to make them mobile-friendly.

Overall, make sure that you’re motivated and eager to make the most out of your email list once again. Sincerity is important. If it feels forced, your readers will know it and your efforts won’t be rewarded.

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