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You get a minimum of 25% opt in rate from the traffic I send you, or I keep sending more traffic to your offers until you do!

54.2% Opt-in Rate and 74 Fresh new Leads... According to my info I got 262 subs, 74 leads, no sales. That's a 28% signup. Not Bad. Those Leads can still become sales 🙂

Ryan Hutchinson

Purchased 500, got 566 clicks and 255 NEW subscribers... 51% Opt-in rate!

Danny Harris

Are you kidding me?

This sounds too good to be true…

Solo ads is a fixed cost traffic generation and advertising method that allows you to put your offer in front of other people's mailing lists, with minimum financial risk.

It allows you to rent an email list which someone else has built for a cost per click.

Which means...

If You Buy 500 Clicks You Actually Get 500 Clicks.

Which means it takes out the guess work of trying to know how many people are going to see your offer or optin to your list.

Now the great thing about solo ads is that its 100% email traffic. Targeted responsive to your offer traffic! Unlike cold traffic which you have to put in a lot of time and effort to warm up to you and your business.

Solo Ads Are Instant!

There's no delivery lag. And this sets solo ads apart from any other traffic source. You place the order,get a mailing date and the traffic will start to flow from that date until the required number of clicks you've paid for is reached.

Unless there is some sort of glitch, or something goes wrong(in this scenario you'll have to take that up with your provider.)

Crazy right?

You get traffic to your offers, without delay. You get it quickly. You get it swiftly… And you get exactly what you pay for!

Solo ads work best for make money online offers, complete systems of how to make money from the internet and make money from home offers.

Network marketing systems work great with solo ads. Systems like Digital Aspire or Digital Altitude, Empower Network, Mobe, Online sales pro,The 4 percent group, Exitus elite, karat bars just to name a few as well as affiliate offers as well.

Popular companies who are offering people a system or step by step way to make money online. Usually, companies who are focused on providing solutions to baby boomers and the upcoming disgruntled Generation X's who are not computer savvy.

Solo ads DON'T work well for anything that's tech-heavy like back linking services,SEO, web design and things like that. They're mainly used for make money online offers. Think business opportunities.

So How Do Solo Ads Actually Work?

And why are they better than other paid traffic solutions?

Solo ads, in my opinion, are easy to use and even easier to scale up
with for your traffic generation methods.

Let me explain…

There is no technical set-up, you don't need a degree torun a solo ad, you pay the provider and give him or her your links and traffic starts flowing to your page or offer.Simple as that.


It's 100% automated. If you're juggling a full-time job and trying to get your business off the ground, this is the least technical traffic
generation method on the planet - a true set and forget. So it's a perfect fit for newbies looking to scale up their new online business.


There is no chance of it getting shutdown. What this means is that Google Adwords or Facebook ads can shut your account down without telling you why, leaving you stranded without a traffic source. There is absolutely no red tape, no expensive course trying to learn the ins and outs of the rules, no worrying if Facebook is going to shutdown your account because they didn't like the photo you used. There are no regulations because you're renting a person's list, it's personal just you and another human, not some corporate office junkie hell-bent on making your life difficult making you jump through hoops with your advertising.


The great thing about solo ads is that you can set it up once and literally keep sending traffic to your offers and profit from them indefinitely. It's a truly set it once and forget service. Buy traffic... make money... Rinse and repeat! A bit like perpetual machine.


Cost per click vs Facebook ads and Google Adwords - if you're lucky enough not to get banned for promoting make money online offers especially with Facebook. Let's look at the numbers Facebook ads you'd be lucky to see a 10% opt-in rate(somebody opting into your list) and around $1.80 per click these days, Google Adwords prices for keywords you can pay up to $10.00 per click, and there's no guarantee of someone opting in let alone buy your product.


Now solo ads - they cost less, Optin rates are 3-5 times higher, and there is no chance of getting banned and now with my guarantee you'll get a minium 25% optin rate or I'll keep sending traffic until you do.


I Take Solo Ads To Another Level… Find Out How:

100% Emotionally
Charged Prospects

Most solo ad providers can't write emails for shit and don't have a solid knowledge of direct response marketing or persuasion.

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Smooth Sales

When you reach out to me to help you ramp up your online business with fresh virgin leads, you'll be dealing with the business owner personally. Not some Virtual assistant who doesn't have a vested interest in your success.

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Minimum 25%
Opt In Guarantee

In the unlikely event that I can't get a minimum of 25% of people to opt-in to your list, I'll keep sending traffic until I do.

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100% Email Traffic

All of the traffic I provide is 100% email traffic from my personal lists. I've built these lists up over the last two years using 100% ethical traffic generation methods.

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Free High Converting
Squeeze page

I'll create free of charge a high converting squeeze page guaranteed to provide you with a minimum 25% opt-in rate.

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Free Funnel & Email
Swipe Review

All new and existing clients will get a free funnel and email follow up series review to maximize your chance at converting your new leads into sales.

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What Others Say About My Solo Ads Service

Igor Khefets, Solo Ads Veteran Speaks Out About Ray.

I need to get new subscribers to my list so I engaged Ray’s services. The promotion went great, as far as opt-ins go! 60% conversion rate. And I had 3 actual sign ups. Can’t wait for another mailing soon.

Tim Landes

Ray did a mailing for me and I can’t recommend him highly enough. Here’s the results I got: 15 signs ups, 1 High ticket sale with a potential $4,800 in ROI. Can’t wait to follow up and close all the extra business.

Bismark Ampofo